Slack is the communication platform of choice for over 8 million workers. To integrate with that vibrant community, we've added Deep Link support to Darwin. This will allow you to search through your organization to find the team member you need to talk to, click their Slack Deep Link, and instantly open a chat with them.

To find your Slack Deep Link, open up Slack on your computer (web browser or desktop app) and right click on the Direct Message thread with yourself. You should see an option similar to: Copy Link. Now you can paste this link in Darwin to allow team members to Direct Message you, you can post it on your website to allow people to contact you for support. The possibilities are endless!

If you'd rather communicate over Facebook, check out this post on How to Find Your Facebook Messenger Deep Link.

Deep links are just another way that Darwin improves the development process. If you'd like to learn more about Darwin, check out the rest of this blog or try Darwin out at ... because why not!